Low-cost therapy



We are proud to be able to offer access to low-cost therapy sessions from 1st March 2024.

What does that mean?


This offer is under the umbrella of Talk to the Rainbow. But it will be delivered by a separate programme as follows:

  • There will be a limited number of places for low-cost therapy.
  • Enquiries from potential clients will be via a separate email lowcost@talktotherainbow.co.uk
  • The low-cost therapy programme is aimed at LGBTQ+ clients who cannot afford full cost therapy but are able to pay a minimum of £25 per session and a maximum of £40.
  • Therapy sessions will be delivered by selected trainee therapists who are on the way to being qualified. They are doing their ‘professional practice placement’ which is fully supervised by professional therapists according to the regulations set out by the relevant professional bodies.
  • The selected therapists may be from the LGBTQ+ community or be allied members of that community.
  • We will not operate a waiting list. If we reply to you that all places for low-cost therapy have currently been allocated, please contact us again after a couple of months.

How does it work?

  • We receive an enquiry email at  lowcost@talktotherainbow.co.uk
  • We consider how we can best support the therapy needs of the person requesting low-cost therapy. In some cases, it may not  be possible or appropriate to offer low-cost therapy to this person.
  • We allocate a therapist for this person (these therapists are not published on our website). We are not able to offer a choice of therapist from our main list published on our website.
  • The therapy will be delivered via weekly sessions which will take place face to face in our room at Whiteladies Therapy Room, Clifton, Bristol, UK.
  • We review progress together with the client every couple of months.
  • Therapy can last up to a year and may be extended further depending on the individual situation.
  • We will operate on a pay weekly system with a no cancellation policy. This means that sessions are paid weekly, and any missed session will be paid for. 


  • You are a student therapist and can commit to at least a one-year placement (ideally two years).
  • If you would like to apply for this placement, please send an email to lowcost@talktotherainbow.co.uk with your CV and a statement (no more than one page) explaining why you wish to join this programme as a trainee therapist.
  • The selection process will include reviewing your CV and documentation, references from your college/university, proof of DBS check, interviews, etc.
  • Talk to the Rainbow will provide an induction with a first supervision session.
  • The use of therapy rooms will be provided by Talk to the Rainbow.